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Great phones. Great service. Vital causes.

Keep your current phone number

Receive up to $350 to buy out your old carrier's contract

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Get $200 off select smartphones. That means some phones cost $0

Coverage on the Nation's largest and most awarded 4G LTE network

The latest smartphones

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The heart of CREDO Mobile is bringing social change through everyday acts of commerce.

When you become a member of CREDO Mobile:

  • You receive mobile service on the nation's most awarded network
  • You generate critical donations to fund vital activism work for causes you believe in – at no extra cost to you


The heart of CREDO Mobile is bringing social change through everyday acts of commerce. We make it easy for progressive individuals like you to stand up and fight for your ideals, through the simple act of doing business with CREDO Mobile instead of huge corporations with conduct antithetical to your beliefs.


Most companies go into business to make money. Thirty-four years ago, we went into business to make change by donating a portion of our revenue each month to progressive nonprofit groups.


Here at CREDO Mobile, we’re always working on better—a better world for all of us and better ways to keep you connected to it. Experience remarkable coverage on the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.


We offer the most popular smartphones and you can keep your phone number when you switch to a brand new phone.


Our members vote for which progressive organization receives our monthly donations. You’ll stay informed with help from CREDO Action, as well as receiving lifestyle and tech tips weekly.


CREDO Mobile is the only mobile provider to receive 5 stars in the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s 2017 “Who Has Your Back?” report, which rates technology companies on ther commitment to customer privacy. We protect your privacy and never sell your information.

"CREDO is building a better, freer future for technology users worldwide."

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