The 2020 election will be the most consequential of our lifetime
and making our voices heard at the ballot box will be more important than ever before. That means we will all need to do our part by registering to vote, helping our friends and family register and learn about the issues, and making a plan to get to the polls or return your ballot.

That's why we launched
CREDO Votes 2020

— a new voter information site with resources to help you take action and make a greater impact this election. We also donated $250,000 across three organizations — Black Voters Matter, Democracy for America and — that are playing key roles in this year's election efforts.

Our Grantees

In August, CREDO donated $250,000 between Black Voters Matter, Democracy for America and
Thank you to everyone that voted to help distribute the funds among three amazing groups. Visit our CREDO Donations website to see who we're funding this month and to cast your vote.

Want to get more involved?

Want to get more involved in protecting our democracy and impacting change this election season? Our partners have suggestions on how to get started right now.

Check Your Voter Registration at

Verify your registration or register to vote. Then, encourage your friends to request an absentee ballot.

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Volunteer with Black Voters Matter

Sign up to be BVM texter to send text messages to encourage people to participate in the election.

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If so, join hundreds of other business leaders in signing a letter to Congress in support of secure mail-in ballots and safe in-person polling places for the 2020 election. Read and sign today.

Are you a business owner?

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Write letters to other voters across the country to increase voter turnout in November!

Write Letters with Vote Forward

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Online Trainings with Democracy for America

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Take free, interactive trainings to learn the skills to win and create change from the comfort of home.

Vote to help CREDO distribute our grant of $150,000 among this month's grantees.

Vote for our Grantees

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Your Voting Rights Questions Answered

CREDO and our allies at Black Voters Matter, Democracy for America and have put together videos to help you learn more about the 2020 voting process, your voting rights and some ways you can make your voice heard this election season.

CREDO Donations Program Explained

CREDO distributes $150,000 or more every MONTH to three nonprofits, at no extra cost to our customers. Since our founding, we’ve donating nearly $90 million to nonprofits doing amazing work in economic justice, voting rights, peace, women’s rights, civil rights and climate justice. 

Each month, CREDO customers and member so of the general public (so, you!) can vote for the nonprofits that they want to receive funds -- 1, 2 or all 3 – and at the end of the month, we distribute the funds accordingly.

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