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Every month CREDO Mobile customers vote on which progressive organization they want to receive a contribution. Your dollars make a difference.


Customers’ privacy rights is a core mission of our company, and we have a long history of fighting for it. Read how we're the only mobile carrier fighting for your privacy.

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Because It Matters

Just by using your CREDO Mobile phone, you help us change the world. That’s because each month CREDO customers add to a pool of $150,000 in donations. You decide how we distribute these donations among three progressive organizations fighting for progressive values like women’s rights, civil rights, voting rights, climate justice and more. That support has added up to more than $88 million in contributions to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, Amnesty International, the NAACP, the Rainforest Action Network, and hundreds of other groups. 

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*To qualify for the reward, the person you refer must 1) join CREDO using your CREDO mobile phone number, 2) remain a CREDO member for more than 30 days and 3) pay his/her first bill in full. Your $100 bill credit will be applied to your CREDO Mobile account 2 weeks after your referral pays his/her first bill. Only current CREDO Mobile customers are eligible to participate in the CREDO Refer-a-Friend program. The following do not qualify for rewards: Self-referrals, additional lines added to an existing CREDO account and enrollments more than 6 months old.

Tell Your Friends to Ditch Big Telecom

As a loyal CREDO Mobile member, you know that we’re a different kind of phone carrier. 

CREDO donates to three nonprofits on a monthly basis and fights for the progressive causes you believe in. We’ve donated over $89 million over the years to groups like Planned Parenthood, 350.org, National LGBTQ Task Force, and more. The more members we have, the stronger we stand together. 

Tell your friends to join the CREDO movement. You’ll get $100 for each friend that joins. 

Referring friends is easy: 

  1. Tell your friends to visit credomobile.com/friend-referral to get a special offer
  2. When your friend checks out, make sure they enter in your CREDO Mobile phone number under the “Refer a Friend” section

  3. You’ll get a $100 mobile bill credit once your friend joins*

Grow the progressive movement.

Refer a friend to CREDO Mobile and get $100.